Construction sequencing and planning

Construction sequencing and planning

My wife and I were reliving past remodeling issues with former clients. My wife is the office manager and documents all changes and cost. Administrating an extensive remodeling contract is time consuming and should be part of any contract changes. Contract administration cost for incomplete specifications and scope of work should be included in the project overhead cost.

It pays to plan.  If I needed to make any point over and over it’s about proper planning, specifying and sequencing the work before starting and contract signing. It cost us dearly in time and effort because of hip shot considerations. Owners can do this because they are not under contract to themselves. Owners can redirect money at anytime. The owner can add extra money anytime.  Most often the owner over simplifies the project.

I always ask if you have ever hired a contractor and built/remodeled a project like this before. If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Who does this cost? Who is to blame? Every one blames the contractor. He knows better, but the owner doesn’t listen. The owner is to blame for not planning and defining the specifications.

The owner demands the contractor’s time to run around and find out about getting items ordered because the project is going forward. I tell every contractor to always put together a written planning system documenting a sequence of tasks that are directed and approved on a phase by phase basis. This becomes a sales documentation aspect. I don’t sell construction. I sell construction and project documentation!

Remember, the design professional does not know how to build. The design professional cannot deliver a scope of work. Finish specifications are not defined.

Mr. Design professional do you have a finish schedule worked out. If he does, it’s a dump and run deal. He doesn’t want to spend the time researching what the owner wants. Hey, work it out with the contractor. The designer works for the building department. People with no construction experience don’t understand this. A good set of drawing is half the information needed to build with. Planning is paramount to a successful project. Contractors need to charge for proper planning with the owner. Establishing construction documentation saves everyone time and money! Stop focusing on cost and start defining the work!

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